Jamie's Town

WB Jamie T and me on a Saturday night
under the neon of the Abalon Theater
hey we're feeling allright
Li'l Will and Val and the Voodoo Child
drinkin' up a bottle of wine
we're catching the ferry cross the river tonight
hey you know it's Carnival time
well you're feeling so low cause you're stuck home alone
you take a chance girl your Daddy won't know
We're meeting by seven everybidy's gonna go
everybody's waiting for you

Come down, come down Baby
dowt to Jamie's Town
Where the livin' is oh so easy
and your friends will never let you down
Come down, come down Baby
we're gonna dance all night
when the morning comes
everything will be all right

Down in the Quarter Uptown and around
you can feel that magic beat
Under the glow of a shimmering flambeaux
man they're dancing in the streets
Jamie T knows a place where they don't ask your age
and we got some money to burn
WB lights a smoke, he does the Mardi Gras mambo
oh lord you should have seen him turn
everybody's waitin' for you girl

Wb and me checkin' out Jamie T
he's over by the jukebox with some crosstown girls
She says I heard all about you Algiers boys
your superstitions and all your ghosts
hanging out along the River Road
Jamie T drops the coin and punches A4
awww pass out the hatchet ya'll
yeh we're feelin' fine and it's Carnival time
and it's damn sure Jamie's Town

Come on and repeat chorus