Runnin' Scared

When I looked out ,my window
the heat was all around it was plain to see
You must have told them everything baby
told them all about you and me
Did they promise to treat you fairly
after they had me behind bars
Why did you do it baby
we were so close and now it's all gone

You think you've got me
But baby look out

We pulled that job in Tulsa
3500 hundred dollar deal
we lived up on the way to New Orleans
You on shotgun
me at the wheel
Runnin' hard got a hellhound on my trail
ain't gonna catch me this time around
I did'nt think you'd leave me stranded
when the game got tough baby you walked out

Now I'm down in Jaurez
it's you've they've got behind those bars
but don't worry bout nothing baby
I'm breaking you out after dark
Ain't gonna be the same way
No No not like it's been
I'm breakin you out baby breakin' you out then I'm gonna do you in